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The practice-oriented learning System for teaching of basics in photovoltaic power engineering

In the future, various and highly attractive job opportunities for young people are given by a worldwide spread and success of photovoltaic power engineering. Needs in exploring of new and ecological sources of energy and activities in climate protection are increasing the demands for specialist staff in solar technologies.

Educational awareness shows that learning success is the most efficient when students can deal with the learning subject theoretically and practically in a comprehensive way! This had been the basic conviction by developing the “Solar Power Case”. The knowledge provided in the manuals can immediately be put to the test in practice-related experiments. The development and choice of the experiments are based on the knowledge requirements and practical experience of solar specialists.

The Solar Power Case experiments are designed for giving sense of achievement to the students. A highly organized construction- and storing system is providing fixed space to each unit inside the case. It is a matter of relief for students and instructors and guarantees long time of use.

The Solar Power Case performs a sophisticated teaching aid either to present the technology in theory and practice or to work on photovoltaic basic knowledge independently and in student groups. The experiments enable students to learn by application and experience!

By the Solar Power Case, own school projects can be planned, modelled and being presented for decision process, for example a solar lighting of a showcase or an independent illumination of rooms etc. Besides this direct application, students are able to inform their parents, visitors and fellow students on photovoltaics during school celebrations and project days.

Standard Equipment:

Function case with integrated photovoltaic module   Voltmeter
Ammeter   Plumb-gel-akku 12 V, 4,5 Ah with automotive
safety fuse
Motion detector   Low voltage plug, Lamp holder E27
Energy save- and regular bulb    

A simple and quick grasp of photovoltaics

The Solar Power Case can be applied by the teacher as teching system as well as by the student as a learning system. In action-based lessons, it helps the student to learn the coherence between the sun as source of energy and the energy transformation and –use on basis of photovoltaics.

The case is also illustrating that there are oppotunities of alternative energy sources.


The following subjects can be carried out by the standard equipment in theory and practice:

  • The electric circuit: System with energy source, wires and modules
  • The energy store: Connection between circuit of charge and -use
  • Solar power system: Single functions and tasks of the units
  • Energy efficiency: Optimization of the circuit units
  • Project: Planning, constructing and testing of a complete solar power system
  • Transfer: Planning of own solar power projects at school
  • Experience: Running of an alarm system by solar power (planning – constructing – testing)
Learnig objectives:
  • The electric circuit: Understand the system with a source of energy, cables and consumer modules
  • The energy accumulator: The link between the charging circuit and the consumer circuit
  • The solar power system: Understand the individual func-tions and the work the components shall perform
  • The energy effi ciency: Investigate ways to optimise the components in the electric circuit
  • The project: Design, build and test an entire solar-powered off-grid technology system
  • The result: Operate an alarm system using solar power (design, construct and test)
  • The transfer: Planning other projects for solar power at the school
Scope of delivery:


Working case   Photovoltaic module
Ammeter   Blei-Gel-Akku 12 V, 4,5 Ah mit Kfz-Schmelzsicherung
Motion sensor   Low-voltage socket and lamp socket E27
Laderegler   Generatoranschluss (Voltmerter)
Schottky diode   Ladegerät, 12 v Glühlampe, 12 V Energiesparlampe, 12 V LED-Lampe

And in addition (not illustrated):
15 x red MC wires + 15 x blue MC wires (25/50 cm)
3 x 7.5 A extra fuse