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Case Optics 1
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Case Optics 1 - Geometrical optics

For student experiments involving optics, we offer three cases designed for geometric optics, lens equation and wave optics. All devices are neatly organised in plastic cases with device-shaped foam inserts. The components in the three cases can be advantageously combined to enable a wide range of different experiments. The high-quality foam insert also protects fragile components and enables clear organisation.

With this case, exciting and impressive geometric optics experiments can be carried out. The powerful halogen lamp offers the possibility of observing the course of individual or multiple light beams clearly. The matching model bodies make it possible to achieve a range of beam paths in a simple manner.

Device set in sturdy, high-quality plastic case with device-shaped foam insert

For experiments on the following topics:

  • Light propagation
  • Mirror
  • Refraction
  • Lenses
  • Eye
  • Mixture of colour
Delivery contents:

Consisting of:

  • 1 halogen light, 12 V/20 W
  • 1 model body, biconvex
  • 1 model body, biconcave
  • 2 model body, planar-convex
  • 1 model body, planar-concave
  • 1 model body, triangular
  • 1 model body, trapezoidal
  • 1 model body, semi-circular
  • 1 circular cell
  • 2 mirror, planar
  • 1 mirror, convex/concave
  • 1 optical disc
  • 1 earth-moon model
  • 1 high-quality plastic case with device-shaped foam insert, dimensions: 45 x 33 x 11 cm
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