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Task Book - CNC Technology, Turning as per PAL
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1. edition 2014, 128 pages in a folder

This series of exercises, which comprises 15 tasks, has been developed to cater to the new training requirements and examination preparations with regard to the PAL programming system, as well as to grant trainees a step-by-step entry into the world of CNC programming.

The series of exercises is designed in such a way that exercises 1 - 8 help explain and clarify the new requirements and command structures to trainees. The exercises can be used to help trainees get up and running with programming in a group environment or working alone.

Exercises 9 - 15 are designed as a set in which both the scope of tasks and the level of knowledge required are systematically increased.

The entire series of exercises can be evaluated and marked by the user using the evaluation matrix (exercises 1 - 15).

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CNC Technology, Turning as per PAL