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CNC4edu 25-user licence
Order-№: 54600  
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Industry standard training environment
CNC4edu is a new and unique training software for CNC training and test preparation in accordance with DIN/PAL. Based on the Siemens NX, CNC4edu is a platform for practising, programming and realistic 3D simulation on CNC machine tools.

The Siemens training package for future-proof CNC training
The training package from Siemens allows you to prepare your trainees for the increasing requirements in the field of CNC technology.
The training package comprises the following:

  • SinuTrain for SINUMERIK Operate
  • Siemens NX Academic Bundle
  • CNC4edu

With SinuTrain for SINUMERIK Operate, the exact CNC programming that needs to be applied when using SINUMERIK-controlled machines can be taught during the training process. Siemens NX Academic Edition is a comprehensive program for teaching the entire CAD-CAM-CNC process chain during the training process. NX comprises a CAD and a CAM module. It is rounded off by a virtual machine for process simulation. Create a CAD model in one of the pieces of software, choose the appropriate processing strategy and simulate the production steps. CNC4edu is an intuitive add-on for Siemens NX, which does not require the user to have any knowledge of NX thanks to its preconfigured machine setups. This training concept gives you a universal, industry standard training environment with a wide range of possibilities.

CNC4edu offers the following standard functions:

  • Siemens SINUMERIK help function
  • PAL work packages (2008 and 2012)
  • CSE simulation driver for PAL (turning and milling)
  • Extensive help functions
  • Supportive error messages
  • Virtual machines
  • Pre-configured setups (machine, clamping devices, tools)
  • Test function
  • NX Version 11 or higher

NC Editor:
The CNC4edu package contains a specially developed NC Editor. The NC Editor is fully integrated into NX and enables CNC milling machines and lathes to be programmed with SINUMERIK or based on the PAL programming system. Our task books CNC technology, turning and milling in accordance with PAL 2008 and PAL 2012 have also been fully integrated into the program. This provides you with approx. 50 programming exercises incl. solutions. The help function can be individually configured and, with its integrated graphics, diagrams and written explanations, provides further information and help with G and M commands.
Functions of the NC Editor:

  • Enables programming to be carried out based on Siemens SINUMERIK and DIN/PAL
  • Brief information
  • Help functions
  • PAL work functions

Virtual machine/simulation (CSE driver)/pre-configured setups:
A virtual machine is like a digital twin of your CNC machine tool, which can be used for training and practice purposes at any time. A virtual machine provides a realistic simulation of the NC programs incl. collision monitoring, clamping devices and tool changers. This means that it is possible to check whether machining operations will push the machine to its limits and whether collisions are likely to occur before the real production process begins. A virtual machine is therefore the ideal training environment for CNC training.
In CNC4edu, we have pre-configured five machines with complete setups:

  • Neutral lathe (4 axes)
  • Neutral milling machines (3 axes)
  • Neutral milling machine (3+2 axes)
  • OPTIMUM F150 CNC milling machine (3 axes)
  • OPTIMUM L44 CNC lathe (2 axes)

Test functions:
The test function enables you to create and compare tests or examinations in Excel based on the cloze method. The cloze programs can be exported directly from the training software as an Excel file. The Excel comparison allows the trainer to easily assess the exercises.

Maintenance package:
With the maintenance package, you automatically receive all updates and amendments to the current Siemens NX versions. The maintenance package also provides support via Teamviewer. The licence is valid for 1 year and can be extended every year.

Prerequisites for the customer:
  • Siemens NX Version 11 or higher
  • Siemens NX (CAM + simulation add-on)
  • Siemens Academic Bundle
In addition to the pre-configured machines, it is also possible to integrate your own machine into CNC4edu. We would be glad to prepare a quotation for you.