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1. edition 2014, approx. 130 pages

The "Maintenance" course focuses on general maintenance principles, as well as the guidelines from training schemes for many metal working professions, for which it is necessary to transfer the basic qualification into concrete, true-to-life tasks. The content is developed based on DIN 31051 and structured within the areas of maintenance work, inspection and servicing.

The main task areas are:

  • The properties and use of machine elements, such as screws and screw locking means, bearings, axles and shafts, coupling and seals
  • Identify and select lubricants
  • Use manufacturer-specific documentation for maintenance work, inspection and servicing

The systematic procedure used when troubleshooting and rectifying faults is also a key element of the course. Using a flow diagram, work-based situations are presented and analysed using examples. The trainees develop a manual for determining a precise fault pattern, they test and optimise this manual by taking into consideration typical, work-based faults.

The work documents consist of tasks, information about common machine elements and advice and instructions about assembling and dismantling the machine elements. Self-evaluation and evaluation tasks.

Time required to complete the course: approx. 2 weeks

* Package consists of five manuals for five trainees.

Learning objectives:
  • The trainees should systematically determine fault causes within systems, develop a check list for determining faults and practise their use using role play.
  • The trainees should determine their personal learning requirements in the area of machine elements and make suggestions about the next steps.
  • The trainees should determine their personal learning requirements in the area of lubricants and make suggestions about the next steps.
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