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Thermal material processing - MIG/MAG welding
Documentation for the trainer
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The course uses practical exercises to convey the skills and knowledge required in real-world work situations. In completing the exercises, participants will learn basic skills and both recognise and consolidate fundamental working techniques.

The complete course presented in lever arch files consists of the trainer manual, the trainees' course, the sample solutions, colour sheets on CD and the textbook.

Course content:

  • Classification and procedure
  • Welding equipment, materials
  • Dangers, general advice on work safety
  • Exercises with solutions
  • Current and gases
  • Application examples, types of welded seam
  • Environmental protection, energy efficiency
Learning objectives:
  • Start the gas shielded welding machine
  • Able to set the required parameters (current strength, voltage, wire speed, gas volume)
  • Select the gas nozzle diameter and the thickness of the wire electrode
  • Check the gas shielded welding machine and workplace in accordance with safety regulations
  • Alight workpieces and ignite wire electrodes
  • Carry out surface welding
  • Tack weld workpieces
  • Weld T-knocks, I-seams, V-seams (single- and multi-layer), fillet weld seams, double-fillet weld seams and vertical seams
  • Clean welded seams
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