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Thermal material processing - Oxyacetylene welding
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The course uses practical exercises to convey the skills and knowledge required in real-world work situations. In completing the exercises, participants will learn basic skills and both recognise and consolidate fundamental working techniques.

The content of the "Gas fusion welding" course is based on the guidelines for the training scheme devised for training metalworking professions.

The main course content is as follows:

  • Gas fusion welding
  • Gas fusion welding processes
  • Produce oxygen and acetylene
  • Design of the gas fusion welding system
  • Maintain and check gas fusion welding systems
  • Additional welding materials
  • Gas fusion welding techniques
  • Commision gas fusion welding systems and organise the workplace
  • Determine and set the pressure parameters for gas and oxygen
  • Torch inserts
  • Welded seam testing processes
  • Read and use technical documents
  • Plan work and present work results
  • Self-evaluate work results
  • Health and safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency
  • Complete gas fusion welding exercises
Learning objectives:
  • Plan procedures
  • Weld-I-seams
  • Check and evaluate work results
  • Present planning results
  • Weld fillet welds
  • Weld double-fillet welds