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ABS/ESP training stand
Order-№: 77178  
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Insertion into working with the training stand

This training stand is build only with original components of Volkswagen. Especial value has been set on the conception of an as real as possible demonstration of the components and their connections, s that you can use original documents and circuit diagrams of VW. So you can do measurements, error simulations and diagnosis like at a real car. But from this conceptions also result some special features, which you have to consider while working with this system:

  • The ABS is only a part of the whole system Golf V and because of the single subsystems communicate over CAN data lines.
  • also in the intact system occur error messages in the error memory, which belong to inexistent information of other control units e.g. the airbag control unit.

In this case this is didactical reasonable, because on the one hand the networking of the ABS with the other systems becomes clear and on the other hand an enlargement with other systems over the CAN-Bus is possible every time.

From the ABS control unit the terminals are carried out as connectors (4 mm) to a side wall. For the components the original names of VW were assumed, so that the
original circuit diagrams of VW can be used. To the training stand can be optional added an error switching, so that the pupils can make an error search under common

The power supply fort the whole system is carried out of the 230 volt connector on the left side wall. At the outlet in the under cupboard you can exclusively connect a power supply unit and the low-pressure pump. For power supply we commend a stabilized power supply unit with 12 or 13,8 volt direct current and enough output power (min. 200 watt). Like in a real car standard safety fuses are installed.

The connection with diagnostic instruments carries out from the 16 pole plug-in connection according to VAG-norm. We commend for self diagnose and reading out the error memory the low cost VAGCOM (82251) or the VAG-tester 5051 / 5052. Furthermore you can use standard diagnostic equipment of the companies Gutmann Messtechnik, Bosch, AVL and Sun.

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