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Electrical Machines - Section: Hardwired Control (Hardwired Control Units)
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Section: hardwired control
Conventional control of three-phase motors – Principles of electromechanics

Automated systems are a fixed part of our industry. With this modular teaching system you can teach the basics of drive technology and hardwired control units.

This includes:

  • Direct activation of three-phase motors
  • Star-Delta connection of three-phase motors
  • Pole changing of three-phase motors
  • Dahlander circuits
  • Operation in different speeds as well as in forwards/reverse mode

Training board set for teaching the basics, to enable configuration and testing of experimental set-ups for most of the abovementioned circuits in a laboratory environment.

  • 1x training board with 24 V / 4.2 A power supply
  • 4x training board protectors with auxiliary contacts
  • 2x training board electronic overload relays
  • 1x training board with 2 multifunction time relays
  • 1x training board stren triangle time relay
  • 2x training board motor protection switch
  • 1x training board 4 rotary switches
  • 1x training board 4 push-buttons
  • 1x training board signal lamp
  • 1x training board circuit breaker
  • 1x training board auxiliary contactor