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Technical Teaching Materials
Technical Teaching Materials
Conveyor belt with separation magazine as assembly kit
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With this assembly kit, students are made familiar with the basic principles and function of modern automation technology.
The assembly kit is an independently functioning training module that includes all didactic training materials.

What can students learn with this module?

  • Application of 24V DC motors as drive units
  • Power transmission and deflection of rotary movement by gears
  • Use of pneumatic cylinders with electromagnetic control valves
  • Use and adjustment of mechanical limit switches
  • Structure, function and use of photoelectric barriers with photo-transistors
  • Introduction to linking of industrial production steps

The module "Conveyor belt with separation magazine" consists of a 270 mm long conveyor belt section and a magazine in which up to 9 workpieces can be stacked and stored. The conveyor belt is powered by a 24V DC motor.

How it works:
The lowermost workpiece is pushed onto the conveyor belt by a pneumatic cylinder. A limit switch recognises the workpiece and starts the conveyor belt, transporting the workpiece across the conveyor belt section. At the end of the conveyor belt, a photoelectric barrier detects the approaching workpiece, stops the belt and signals its readiness to hand over to the downstream modules.

Delivery contents:
  • Valve
  • PN dual action cylinder
  • Photoelectric barrier
  • Workpieces
  • Conveyor belt, 27 cm long
  • 400 building blocks
  • Didactic documents
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