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Christiani Sharpline Technical Training Pvt. Ltd.

Christiani Sharpline Technical Training Pvt. Ltd. is a 50:50 joint venture between Christiani of Germany and Sharpline Automation of India. Christiani, with its 80 years presence in vocational didactic training, is best known in Germany an all over the world for ist state-of-the-art technical training products and vocational training methods. Sharpline Automation, part of the Sharpline group of companies and a 13 year old company, has a national presence and expertise in the field of machine tool retrofitting and automation.

About Christiani Sharpline

Formed as a 50:50 Indo-German joint venture, it had in mind the growing need of the Indian industry for technical skilled and trained persons. The mission is to fill the vacuum by promoting and providing excellence in technical training. This will be done by introducing state-of-the-art didactic training methods, offering further training, enhancing employability and career growth. Our hands-on and classroom training is in the fields of CNC technology, PLC and mechatronics. Besides this, CSTT will offer up-grade solutions to technical institutes, training establishments of industries, and the manufacturing sector with our vast range of training products.

About Sharpline

Sharpline, founded in 1995, has the distinction of quickly establishing itself as a national CNC retrofit and automation company. Today it has 200 satisfied customers and 900 machines and equipments automated with CNC/PLC interface. Services are offered in total reconditioning, retrofitting, laser callibration, CAD/CAM, feedback control systems and spm. The Sharpline group is diversifying also in the field of CNC machine tool manufacturing in collaboration with Asquith Butler, component manufacturing fort he automobile, oil and aerospace industries.

About Christiani

Christiani, established in 1931, as one of the first schools for distance learning in Germany, had set ist goals to impart knowledge to employed persons and help them move up in their careers. This has remained a base for steady development and soon the need for a comprehensive  range of products as teaching aids was fulfilled. Nowadays, Christiani is regarded as one of the most important providers of training products and evaluation systems to vocational schools and training institutes worldwide.

Christiani training products include interactive CDs, latest and updated technical books, practical table top training kits, and examination question papers and systems which number around 10.000 items. International groups like Siemens, Bosch, BIBB, Volkswagen and Audi have faith in Christiani to deliver a high level of quality in skill development and vocational training.

Everything from a single source for vocational training

Our learning systems cover:

• Electronics
• Electricals
• CNC technology
• Mechatronics
• Robotics
• Automobiles
• PLC technology